Credo Trust Systems Inc. is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In order to serve our clients better, we partner with global technology leaders as well as with local (Western Canada and USA) companies. If you wish to partner with us please contact us.

Our business and technology partners are:



PrimeKey Utimaco Sentry Partners


PrimeKey Solutions AB is the leading open source PKI company in the world, and founder and commercial force behind successful open source projects like EJBCA and Signserver. PrimeKey was founded in 2002 and headquartered in Stockholm. Still based in the capital of Sweden, PrimeKey is operating on a global level - in over 20 countries - directly or through partners.

PrimeKey provides open source solutions and services with focus on two main areas: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Signing Solutions. For more info visit



Since July 1st, 2009 Utimaco Safeware AG is a part of the Sophos Group, a world leader in IT security and data protection with headquarters in Boston, US and Oxford, UK. While Utimaco data security products are now distributed by Sophos, the business units "Lawful Interception and Monitoring Solutions" and "Hardware Security Module" form Utimaco’s operating businesses.

Utimaco‘s Business Unit “Lawful Interception & Monitoring Solutions“ located in Aachen / Germany, develops solutions for lawful interception and data retention. Utimaco‘s Business Unit “Hardware Security Module “ located in Aachen / Germany, develops and manufactures solutions to protect electronic data.

Utimaco's Business Unit “Hardware Security Module“

Since 1994 Utimaco has been developing hardware based security solution. Today, Utimaco is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative and professional solutions for hardware security module technology. Customers and partners value the reliability, simplicity, and long-term investment security of the Utimaco security solutions. Utimaco stands for recognized product quality, user-friendly software, excellent support, and products that effectively meet market requirements. For more info visit



Sentry Partners Inc. specializes in hardening the resilience of your critical business processes by helping you optimize your technology operations using our proven Technology Risk Management Services. For more info visit