Credo Trust Systems partners with leading e-identity vendors to bring you right security solutions that will provide measurable business value for your organization.

Whether you require a classic PKI supporting electronic ID cards or means to enable trust in claims-based & federated identity systems, Credo Trust Systems offers solutions that range from SMB to Province/State and National levels.

  • CredoVM Vulnerability Management Program - visit our CredoVM website!

  • PKI
  • Multi-factor authentication for users, web services and devices
  • Electronic ID (e-ID)
  • Trust Infrastructure for claims-based & federated identity systems
  • Digital Signatures
  • Digital Timestamping
  • Web Services Security

We also offer turnkey solutions for particular industries. For example, for healthcare industry in Canada we offer solutions that fulfill iEHR (Interoperable Electronic Health Record) requirements related to HIAL (Health Information Access Layer) Authorization and Authentication and Security/Encryption.